Blackfish is almost home

The show at The Mary Windspeed center was a success, Fantastic crowd, Amazing venue and much appreciation for the invite. If you are ever on the island make sure, you check out the royal museum as well as the have fantastic indigenous art.

I was also excited to find books written on how to create your own indigenous styled art. I am excited to see these at the show. I have done other shows, but this is my first show taking part as a Metis Artist. I am honoured and proud to be a part of such an amazing show at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sydney Vancouver Island.

You will find many artists like to use acrylics for their paintings, some do produce prints, but I have a special attraction to the carving as I love to carve a motif into my work as well. This is known as sgraffito.


My son loves Jello

He loves the texture and creates fantastic interactions with ideas of how to eat it. To date he has tried the trusty spoon, fork, Chopsticksand his hands. 

He also has  simply dumped it on the table and attacking it with his face. Sometimes he wins the Jello eating battle and sometimes the Jellomakes the great escape onto the floor. 

Today he has attempted the almighty straw

I could not stop giggling at the end of the video.

Fantastic Blackfish Pottery Day

I had a great time at the studio today. My family was on the road so i had all the time in the world to get lost in the clay. The best part? The studio was ready to go by 8 a.m and i didn't have to share the studio for three whole hours.

I have many works to complete for the next firing. I have included a glimpse below.