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Welcome! I hope you enjoy. I have been back in the studio for 6 months, after a 12 year hiatus, and have enjoyed being back, playing in the mud.

A Glaze recipe for Emerald Green

I just made a batch of this emerald green glaze and am going to test it this weekend. you can view the results on my fan page.

Emerald - Cone 5/6

Gerstley Borate - 49
EPK (kaolin) - 19
Flint (silica) - 32

Chrome oxide - 2
Cobalt Oxide - 1

Bentonite 2%

This glaze has to be applied much thicker
than you would expect a glaze to go on.
Almost like a thin yogourt. The mug in the illustration was fired to cone 5.
As you get hotter the green becomes more uniform and "greener" much like the area on the edges of the handle

Who is 30kellys

Who is 30kellys?

Born and raised in Central Alberta, Kelly Moen had the ability to experience life on the move. Due to the nature of Kelly’s Dad's work he moved around every couple of years. This enabled him to make valuable friendships, cultivate relationships and opportunity to find and understand, which most people these days are still searching for; namely Ourselves.

Today, Kelly is happily married to his high school love with two wonderful boys. He is working in the telecommunications sector by day, and in the evenings he cultivates his life experiences into the potter’s wheel in his studio. He believes in being true to oneself and family first. On the weekends his family joins him in the studio crafting their own, which has soon become 30kellys studio - Claywork at A Stones Throw.

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