Blackfish Pottery - Out of the Water

Love the way these turned out, Very happy with the colors chosen. 

It's always exciting to see a finished piece and it is always sad when that piece gets chipped.

I am happy with the result and can't wait to see how the others are going to turn out. For now I hope you enjoy. I know I do :-)     

Blackfish Pottery - Almost Home

 Working on these pieces have been a delight and I am almost at the stage of glazing but have been thwarted by the new studio and there glaze supplies. I have 53 test tiles coming out of the kiln next week and i'll finally be able to figure how to glaze these majestic Blackfish pottery pieces for the show at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, Vancouver Island. 

Blackfish Pottery - We have been set free

Killer Whale - Killer Pottery    

I have been away from a working studio for over a year. Sad but true. My studies at university, full time husband and father took precedence over a passion which I have greatly missed. I have been able to find a new studio which will better fit my lifestyle which has offered me a feeling of freedom. Being held captive with so much responsibility I was driving myself crazy and I needed to get to a studio to be with the clay again.

Here is the start of what I have created in my new series. They have yet to be glazed but I will post another picture as soon as they come out of the kiln.