Earth to Annie

Have you ever wondered how they do what they do? I had the privilege of discovering Earth to Annie in a wonderful and fulfilling workshop. We learned how to slab build functional wares with texture and my true favourite of the workshop was discovering her creative process and what exactly inspired her work. You can find Earth to Annie on line as well I would recommend adding her Fan Page to your Face book account as this is where you can find an Earth to Annie workshop and enjoy the same experience I did.

Well Done Annie, over and out.

"Life is a garden; I'll make the pots for it."

Ben Wolff has been surrounded by Pottery, Horticulture, and Music his whole life. Ben and his half sister Elizabeth Wolff are third generation artists. Ben’s grandfather, Robert J. Wolff, was an American Abstract artist and a professor of art. His father, Guy Wolff, is a potter, pottery designer and musician.

As a youngster, Ben spent weekends with his father, Guy Wolff, watching him throw pots in his shop in Woodville, Connecticut. Ben first had his hands in clay around the age of 1, and actually threw his first, very small piece at the age of 2. As a teenager, Ben worked on his stepfather’s dairy farm, milking cows. (Terry Tanner Farm, Warren CT) Upon graduating high school, Ben worked in various trades but always made time to make pottery with his father.

Since 1999, Ben has made pottery for both the public and for stores around the country. Ben works out of home in Goshen, Connecticut where he creates all of his pieces by hand on a potter’s wheel. He makes, fires, and ships all of his products with help from his wife, Corinne Wolff. (Puppy Too) The pots Ben makes are based on his own visions and designs, following methods learned at Wolff Pottery and beyond.