Pottery is moving!

It seems like months have passed since I last posted anything about pottery. 

I know for me, it feels that it has almost been a year that I have been in the studio. Although work has been produced and sold under the 30kellys name my pottery has taken on a more defined brand under Potterycove leaving 30kellys open to a greater number of ideas.

Potterycove has moved to a new format on line and for the most part is up and running. It now needs to be tweaked and it still needs a better gallery plug in to being you a greater gallery experience so please feel free to poke around as it will only grow from here.

What will happen to 30kellys you ask?

The path 30kellys seems to be running down is promoting others work along side with Potterycove work and connecting people who are looking to learn more about creative arts. If you are looking for a new book, a photographer, a painting or simply to discover something new in the art world then this will be a great place to subscribe!

People have asked, “Why the change”? I tell them, “To live a life long dream”! Ever since we can remember my wife and I have wanted to live in Victoria B.C. To date we have sold our home, found a wonderful B&B to rent for 6 months while we get settled and I found a great pottery studio to rent space in.

The new Potterycove fan page is almost ready for launch. Here you will find locations I will be selling my wares and great articles on glazes and more.

Thank you for all the support everyone has given I am truly blessed.

"We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams." Les Brown

Common questions about clay, pottery wheels, and kilns - Part 3

Are electric kilns better for beginners than gas kilns?

It depends on what type of pottery you want to create. The most commonly mentioned distinction between electric pottery kilns and gas pottery kilns is that electric kilns can't be used for reduction firing (a reduced oxygen atmosphere that creates unique color variations and more textured glazes). If you're eager to use many different types of glazes and colors, then a gas kiln might be worth considering. Raku kilns are also great for those interested in uniquely decorative pottery.)

However, electric kilns are generally easier to use, and many of them have features such as an automatic shut down cycle that prevents overfiring. An electric kiln of comparable size will generally be cheaper to operate than a gas kiln, at least with small kilns.

Common questions about clay, pottery wheels, and kilns - Part 2

Should I use a beginner pottery wheel or a professional pottery wheel?

Professional pottery wheels are more heavy duty and durable, but they're also more expensive. If pottery is something you're passionate about and you know that you'll be doing it for years to come, then a professional pottery wheel would be a wise investment. If you're working with a more limited budget or view pottery as an occasional hobby, then beginner pottery wheels should be more than adequate for your needs. Many beginners and students also opt for the convenience of a portable pottery wheel or tabletop pottery wheels.

Common questions about clay, pottery wheels, and kilns - Part 1

What are some of the most popular types of clay for pottery beginners?

High Fire Clay

Stoneware is good clay for beginners and is often used in schools and universities. The "stone" part of its name comes from its stone-like density and hardness after firing. Pottery suppliers will often have stoneware bodies prepared for throwing. Stoneware is a buff-colored, high-fire clay (its maturing range is about 2200 degrees Fahrenheit to 2375 degrees Fahrenheit).

Low Fire Clay
Earthenware is another type of clay that's often used by novice potters. Unlike stoneware, earthenware is a porous, low-fire clay (1800 degrees Fahrenheit to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit). Red earthenware is a naturally occurring clay that's inexpensive and easy to throw (terra cotta is a type of red earthenware). To be waterproof, red earthenware pots will require a glaze. White earthenware costs more, is a bit more difficult to throw, and has a higher maturation range (1950 degrees Fahrenheit to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit), but creates attractive, bright white, decorative pottery ware.

The Photographer Extraordinaire!

Jennifer Schimanke, the photographer extraordinaire, brings a new sense to the creative experience of photography.

Most family portrait photographers have the same idea as every other family portrait photographer, such as, what standard backdrops to use and where is everyone going to stand for their picture taking experience. The trouble with the common photographer is...... everything is the same and too familiar leaving you immortalised in the drab and common.

Jennifer Schimanke, owner of Snow Pea Portraits, uses life as her backdrop. You and your family will enjoy her natural eye for what I like to call “moment” photography; catching that memory moment that shows a true personality, a true moment of pride, innocents and love.

Perusing her blog and her fan site, Snow Pea Portraits is a site that is set apart from other photographers.  Jennifer brings her photography together with her creative sense, eye for the human spirit and her love of children, life and the arts that are captured in every photo

Currently Jennifer is booking new and former clients in celebration of her new studio redesign with a boudoir marathon photo shoot. For bookings and pricing please see Snow Pea Portraits or contact Jennifer here.

Donna Milward - New Fantasy book "THOEBA"

Donna Milward
Donna Milward

     I can truly say I am honoured and excited to introduce ALL of you to my friend Donna Milward who I have known for over 15 years. I am immensely proud to announce that her new novel THOEBA is being released Aug 1st 2011.

Take a quick read - An Excerpt from her Prologue

  Blood and ashes splashed across the sky as her people battled the minions of darkness. She stood on a warm, sandy cliff with the breeze chilling her bare skin. The enemy swarmed in the distance, a black swarm of insects flying toward them.
     For centuries, darkness encroached upon this paradise, this Eden that some called the home of God. For many long years evil promised to swallow the heavens. 
     It must be the only promise the soulless entity ever kept, Thoeba thought, as she waited for her chance to fight.
     They were vastly outnumbered, so much so that the angels were forced to retreat. Thoeba glanced up to see the first wave of refugees rising to the air. 
     The exodus had begun. 

     You will find her class of elegance, life study and amazing passion for fantasy has made its way to a thought provoking and entertaining discovery of the human spirit. THOEBA is truly a life changing read.

     For more information on Theoba you can follow her blog Earth to THOEBA and you can catch more of Donna Milward by following her on Twitter

     Both a printed copy of Donna Milwards Title THOEBA will be available Aug 1 2011 from Amazon, Vamptasy Publishing, and for the e.book copy you can purchase visit Smashwords for down load after Aug 1 2011

Happy Reading!

Pottery in the park

Living art and pottery!

Katy is living the dream and moving up island. A fantastic dreadlocked girl with the delicate knack on the wheel.

Don't miss an opportunity to see her wares at the local Government street market in Victoria!

Printing on Porcelain and other clay bodies

Hi Everyone! Just a quick note to invite you all to sign up for The Printing on Clay workshop happening March 25th and 26th. The cost is $95.00 and you must register with Elly from studio link @ 780 413 0118 before March 11th.

See you there!!

Pottery and a NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year and congratulations to the Anonymous winner of the GREEN Bowl.

So much has happened over the season.

I have a new teaching gig at Fort Saskatchewan Pottery Guild starting January 24th. Registration is January 15th 2011.

The Hobby Potter is on a mission to make one mug a day (I see video). My potting video has had over 5000 hits!

My friend and Mentor, KJ MacAlister, has gone down to the US to take a few courses and to enjoy the GREAT Arizona weather.

I am fulfilling the last of my December orders and starting out with a new clay body from Seattle and my friend Kristy is having an Exceptional Sale!

Happy potting!