Pottery.... Naughty or Nice?


This is It! 
The defining moment of color for Potterycove in 2010. 
Who will be deemed naughty and who will be nice green or blue? 
Only you can decide 
which is naughty 
which is nice.


1) Vote using the poll I created at the top of this article 
2) Leave a comment at the bottom of the page in the comments area.

***If you don’t leave a comment with your contact info I can’t add your name into the draw because I won’t know if you voted and that would be sad cause I am giving away the winning bowl. If you are concerned about privacy please email directly with a comment at kellymoen@potterycove.ca 

The contest is open to everyone and if you are not already a follower of the 30kellys fan page on face book you will need to email me your address at kellymoen@potterycove.ca so I can contact you if you win or simply become a Fan at 30kellys!

Draw takes place New Years Eve
Merry Christmas!