Born and raised in central Alberta, Kelly has always had a desire to create an experience for people. Whether it is in the form of writing, directing, acting, sculpture or ceramics; pottery is his first love of all arts.

"I love taking a basic form such as a mug or bowl and transforming it into a piece that you want to interact with. Everyone has a favourite mug or bowl and I want to take that to the next level through texture and color with comfortable craftsmanship. There shouldn't be just comfort food and comfort beverages; there should be comfort functional mugs and bowls to use with the comfort food. I want my clients to experience more than just its basic function".

Kelly has been asked to speak at numerous business and entrepreneurial functions on how to achieve your business goals. He currently holds a fine arts diploma from Red Deer College and a certificate of bible study from WLI Canada.

Kelly has currently found his inspiration from west coast nature. He has added such inspiration from a sandy beach texture to the color of the ocean and the feel of drift wood. He is also studying his aboriginal heritage and the art of the pot and firing process his ancestors used to make their pots. His vision is to discover an elemental balance between earth, air, fire, water and the almighty vessel.

When Kelly takes his down time he likes to hang out with his wife and their two young sons and experience life and all it has to offer as they see it.

"As adults we tend to complicate matters that should be simple and easy to understand. Getting a child's perspective can sometimes be the best wisdom man has"

Kelly Moen