500 Bowls

While venturing back to my clay roots I thought it best to take advantage of free knowledge. I could not believe the vast depth there was on line in regards to the pottery trade. I am sure Simon Leach, a third generation potter, has to have the most instructional video on You Tube.

I have found that the social networking site You Tube and other on line communities have been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. As much fun as it is creating bias masterpieces for my mantle and friends I have to admit the home work is very task orientated as most foundation homework is.

My goal was to take 6 months and throw 500 cylinders, 500 bowls and 500 Plates. This would allow me to rediscover the simple mechanics of throwing clay, much like getting back on the bike or learning to drive.

With simple mechanics of hand movements, clay and speed of the wheel I was sure I would gain my once lost skill from days past. Simply focus and practice, practice, practice until it is second nature

Weights of Clay are 400grms

Step 1 - Cone your clay up

Step 2 - Centering down and clean up the base

Step 3 - Opening the Clay in a V shape

Step 4 - Bring the clay toward the heal of your hand and up

Step 5 - Pull the clay up and out at the same time

Step 6 - There may be excess clay near the bottom. Push the bottom in, and then pull up into your simple bowl shape.

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