Crystalline Glazes and Porcelain


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Working with crystals gives any potter a chance to push the envelope of his or her artistic and technical imagination. If you are looking for a challenge of another dimension and loose a few hairs along the way, look no further than the challenge offered by the combination of porcelain and crystal glazes, especially when fired in a gas kiln. You will be introduced to, if not already known, principles of patience, humility, compassion, and perseverance that will be constant companions on your path to discovering one of the most beautiful and difficult art forms in the world of pottery.

While savaging the internet for pottery techniques, clay bodies, and glaze recipes I happened to fall upon a wonderful You Tube video by Josh Pehrson.

Josh Pehrson was born in 1974 in St. Peter, Minnesota and was raised in Fergus Falls. "My passion has always been to be an inventor every day of my life" says Pehrson. Like so many great artists, his works have taken on many mediums. An accomplished woodworker, he apprenticed for four years at a custom shop in St. Paul where he built, repaired, and restored antiquated pieces of Victorian mansions. A love for designing and building motorcycles has also helped hone many of his talents. He was introduced to wheel thrown pottery by his friend and mentor Lori Charest. Josh's fascination with crystal glazes started three years ago and since then it has become an obsession. Combined with great skill, craftsmanship, and artistic sense, these stunning crystalline pieces reflect his influences from life around him.


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