Naked Raku

I am about to embark on something hot and naked. No it’s not what you might think! What I would like to introduce to you is an art form from the Japanese ancients. Naked Raku!

So what is Naked Raku?

Naked Raku is the random action of a resist medium (Liquid Clay) combined with the heat of the fire and the kiss of smoke against the clay provides the magic that is "Naked Raku".

A specially formulated thick and gooey medium, the resist, is applied to a previously bisque-fired pot. Immediately placed into a hot raku kiln the medium begins to shrink and crack as it heats and dries. Upon reaching the desired heat (between 1400°F and 1500°F) the pot is removed from the kiln with long tongs and placed in a reduction chamber containing sawdust.

The resulting flames and smoke are contained and controlled by covering the chamber and the pot is permitted to smoke for a few minutes. Then once more the pot is moved----this time it is plunged into a tub of cold water. The medium separates from the pot and the resulting pattern is visible.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for a video post of the final work.