Donna Milward - New Fantasy book "THOEBA"

Donna Milward
Donna Milward

     I can truly say I am honoured and excited to introduce ALL of you to my friend Donna Milward who I have known for over 15 years. I am immensely proud to announce that her new novel THOEBA is being released Aug 1st 2011.

Take a quick read - An Excerpt from her Prologue

  Blood and ashes splashed across the sky as her people battled the minions of darkness. She stood on a warm, sandy cliff with the breeze chilling her bare skin. The enemy swarmed in the distance, a black swarm of insects flying toward them.
     For centuries, darkness encroached upon this paradise, this Eden that some called the home of God. For many long years evil promised to swallow the heavens. 
     It must be the only promise the soulless entity ever kept, Thoeba thought, as she waited for her chance to fight.
     They were vastly outnumbered, so much so that the angels were forced to retreat. Thoeba glanced up to see the first wave of refugees rising to the air. 
     The exodus had begun. 

     You will find her class of elegance, life study and amazing passion for fantasy has made its way to a thought provoking and entertaining discovery of the human spirit. THOEBA is truly a life changing read.

     For more information on Theoba you can follow her blog Earth to THOEBA and you can catch more of Donna Milward by following her on Twitter

     Both a printed copy of Donna Milwards Title THOEBA will be available Aug 1 2011 from Amazon, Vamptasy Publishing, and for the copy you can purchase visit Smashwords for down load after Aug 1 2011

Happy Reading!

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