Pottery, Porcelain, and People

 A New Monday evening Pottery class! Great class of beginners tonight, they all did very well so much fun to be teaching a class again. Meeting new people has been a lot of fun since moving here! The studio time was such a treat and reprieve from my studies at the University. I wasn't aware of how difficult it was going to be juggling family, university and pottery but so far so good and I have to say pottery will always be a reprieve for me. and currently a welcome one as my first mid term is in the A.M.

If any of you are interested and will be in the area, feel free to drop by the studio for a look see. Hands on Pottery

If you can't take the time to stay for a few classes, no problem! Feel free to brows the the pots for sale and there is a FANTASTIC coffee shop across the way. Buy a mug then take it for a test spin! I recommend the triple americano, and really how can you go wrong when a coffee shop is named Caffe' Fantasico

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